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Andy's exploration into metalwork began in Brooklyn with renowned designer Kristin Hanson, where his natural inclination for design and bursting expression finally found its discipline. While having gained further experience in Portland, Oregon with Gunnar Adamovics, it was under the tutelage of William ("Billy") Thomas King at the Sterling Quest School of Jewelry Design and Creation (San Miguel De Allende, Mexico) that Andy made his greatest strides in metallurgy, graduating in 2008.

From his youth, Andy has approached history with imagination, romanticism, and caring, owing to the colorful and incredible stories of his own family. His tireless search for unique and meaningful items with which to make art is as much a characteristic of his work as the pieces themselves. It is this appreciation and awareness of the histories of his materials that enhance their efficacy as personal pieces of art.

As his work progressed, Andy continued to discover new ways to combine his artisan style with raw elements such as reclaimed metals, wood, bone and stone. Comprised of these materials, his jewelry creates an appeal not solely focused on aesthetic value, but based heavily upon the indelible spirit of powerful organic forms. The culmination of this period of work was the acclaimed Nature Speaks collection. Since 2012 Andy has taken on the task of adding more interesting adornments to the world of fine jewelry. 

From more functional adornments to fashionable and thought-provoking ornamentation, Andy creates pieces that symbolize the force that is the natural world while articulating a balance between old and new.

Andy currently splits his time living and working between Brooklyn, New York and Los Angeles, California.